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Sample Resume : Critical Care Nurse Resume

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

    Critical Care Nurse Resume

There is and there will always be a requirement of medical care facilities for the growing population. There is increasing demand for nurses to provide the medical facilities in hospitals, clinics or even at home when the 24 hour assistance is required. The job responsibilities of nurses differ according to their areas of work. Critical care nurses are the one who generally work in the intensive care unit of the hospitals and provide critical care to the patients. These nurses provide high intensity therapies and continuously monitor any changes in the health of the patient. You need a critical care nurse resume if you are thinking of applying for the position in any renowned hospital.
Critical care nurse must have accurate knowledge of using the medical equipments for helping the patient and monitoring the health of the patient. They should have knowledge of CPR and other emergency life saving techniques. Every critical care nurse is provided with 2-3 patients to take care at a time. Here we provide you the sample resume for the critical care nurse. You can get reference from this sample for designing your own resume.
Sample Resume
Richard Stiffler
5th New Lane, 1147,
South Carolina, US
Cell No. – 9645789287
Seeking the position of critical care nurse in a hospital where I can help the patients by making effective use of my patient care skills acquired during my long period of experience
  • More than 5 years of experience in providing critical care to the patients
  • Registered for working in critical care and cardiac unit
  • Handled the critical situations and worked under the supervision of expert doctors
  • Well trained in the use of the medical equipments for providing critical medical care
  • Knowledge of medical documentation and medical records
  • Intense knowledge of critical care and general nursing care practice
  • Ability to diagnose and provide the pharmacologic treatment on the health related issues
  • Ability to do multi tasking and function independently
  • Effective organizational skills and managerial skills
  • Ability to design the treatment plan for the patient according to the need
  • Strong interpersonal skills
George Hospital and Nursing Center
Carolina, USA (November 2007-present)
Designation – Critical Care Nurse
  • Planned the effective medical treatment program for the patient and assisted in performing daily routine activities
  • Maintained the hygienic environment in the intense care unit
  • Made effective use of the medical equipments for helping the patient
  • Monitored the health of the patient and kept the track of the medicines to be given to the patient
  • Kept the record of hospital supplies and surgical equipments
Ricardo Medical Institute, Washington, USA (January 2005- August 2007)
Designation: Critical Care Nurse
  • Monitored the health of the patients and provided medical help after the surgeries
  • Helped the doctors in performing critical surgeries
  • Checked the blood pressure, blood sugar level, etc. and ensured to maintain the health of the patient
Spicer’s College of Medical Studies, Carolina, USA
Bachelor’s Degree in nursing (2004)
University of Columbia
Certificate course in nursing (2002)
1) Dr. Riddick Diesel
Head of Surgery Department
George Hospital and Nursing Center, Carolina
2) Dr. Phil Jacks
Cardiac Surgeon,
Ricardo Medical Institute,
Washington, USA
The details present in the sample resume are fictitiously placed and do not resemble any one alive or dead. These details should be used for reference purpose only. Follow all the important and basic nurse resume writing tips for making your resume effective and job winning. Also, you can follow the career tips and interview tips from our site for further assistance. 


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Sample Nurse Resume

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