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Hemodialysis Nurse Resume | Hemodialysis

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

     Here you can gather information Hemodialysis as well as How to write a sample Hemodialysis Nurse Resume.
     In medicine, hemodialysis (including hemodialysis) is a method to remove toxins such as creatinine, urea and free water from the blood when the kidneys are in renal failure. Hemodialysis is one of three renal replacement therapies (the other two have a kidney transplant, peritoneal dialysis).
    Hemodialysis may be ambulatory and hospitalization. Routine hemodialysis is performed in an outpatient dialysis facility or in a purpose built room in a hospital or a dedicated treatment clinic.Dialysis independently in a clinic are initiated and managed by a professional staff consisting of nurses and technicians, dialysis treatment at home can be self-initiated and managed or jointly with the help of an experienced assistant, there is usually a family member.
     There are three types of hemodialysis: conventional hemodialysis, daily hemodialysis and nocturnal hemodialysis.
Benefits :
* Low mortality
* Better control of blood pressure and stomach cramps
* Less food restriction
* Improved solute clearance effect of daily hemodialysis: better tolerance and fewer complications than the more frequent dialysis

Disadvantages :

* Requires additional supplies such as water quality and high power.
* Requires a reliable technology such as dialysis machines.
* The procedure is complicated and requires that caregivers have a greater knowledge.
* It takes time to create and clean dialysis machines and the cost of aircraft and associated personnel.
Hemodialysis Nurse Resume :

     A hemodialysis nurse is a form of registered nurses, sometimes also called a nurse or nurse urology nephrology. Here's a sample of a dialysis nurse resume, which will give you some tips and techniques for writing an effective resume for your job application. This test will give you a skill that is needed to resume a dialysis nurse. You can take the help of the CV in the development of your resume.
This test is free. Feel free to copy and modify it. This will definitely help you find the job you want. We hope this will work well for you.
Career Objective  :
      Highly qualified professionals with a specialization in dialysis, in search of a position on dialysis nurse in a hospital where I had the opportunity to leverage my experience and skills.

Qualification Summary: 

      * Highly qualified with more than 9 years of experience in the Nursing field
      * Expert in the handling of Hemodialysis equipments
      * Excellent knowledge of medical terminology and medical equipments
      * Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
      * Expert in patient handling

Professional Experience:
      * Participated in team nursing and promoted team concept throughout all clinic activities.
      * Assisted other staff in the performance of their duties in accordance with policies and as allowed by state regulations.
     * Obtained vital signs and evaluated data.
     * Implemented dialysis treatments on patients with permanent fistulas, grafts, and catheters.
     * Developed and implement patient care plans.
     * Administered medications and intravenous solutions.

   *Ability to work under pressure with patience.
   *Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
   *Capable of evaluating the requirements of the patients.



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